Welcome to Piccolo Levriero Italiano database

This Database is the collabrative work of a few dedicated breed enthusiasts from around the world.
The majority of information contained in this Database has been sourced from Canine registries throughout the world, ensuring the continuity and accuracy of data. Whilst the pli-pedigrees is not a canine registry, the credibility of data is of the upmost importance, we continue to strive towards the integrity of the information held with in this resource, please report any errors you may encounter so corrections can be undertaken.
The pli-pedigrees currently contains over 30.000 entries with dogs pedigrees from  France, Italy, UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, SLovakia, Czech, Poland, Australia,  Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.
Please note that this database has taken many years and hours of work from those who have been diligent in the maintaining of this resource, which serves all who which to access the information available. Please show your respect and integrity by valuing our work and not pilfering any information without permission and crediting those responsible for the work and effort. The pli-pedigrees contains legal disclaimers in regard to copywrite infringements, any breeches will warrant legal action.
For further information such as pedigree print outs, trial mating pedigrees or inbreeding coefficient, please email us on info@pli-pedigrees.com
To have any errors in the data information corrected please email us outlining the necessary changes. Please include details such as Dogs name, DOB, registration number. Corrections will only be accepted from the owner or breeder of the dog in question.
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